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My aloe Vera plant needs some help. Looking for advice.

8 years ago

Hi! I received an aloe Vera plant last May as a gift. The friend who gave it to me told me I could separate the mother plant and the babies into their own pots eventually. This February I decided to do this because the plant was getting bigger. I realize now, I probably should have waited until warmer weather as I live in Ohio. I separated them as gently as I possibly could and put them in draining pots with a regular potting mix because that's what looked like was already in the pot. The mother plant has done fine but looks a little dull a limp. Same with the babies. The babies suffered from some root rot because I over watered them. I took them out removed the rotting leaves and repotted them without watering them for a couple weeks and just recently added a small amount of water. Maybe I am just over thinking things but I just feel like the plants don't look as healthy and I feel terrible. I am posting a picture of the plant before I separated the mother and the babies and then a few pictures of after. My questions are, should I put them in the brightest light possible? Move them outside if it is warm and sunny? Should I start watering them more as it has been two months since I have repotted them? Should I mist them? Any other suggestions please suggest away!! Thank you.

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