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Why do I never have a camera when I need one?

8 years ago

I got home from work today and took a walk around the garden, as usual. I brought some scissors to deadhead flowers. Then I saw an orange and black butterfly fluttering around the zinnias. I knew it was too small for a monarch-I was wondering if it was maybe a Viceroy, but I didn't get a good look. A couple of minutes later it alighted close to me and I saw the underside of the wings. A painted lady! New to my life list, and of course new to the garden.

Is there anything I can plant as a host for these little charmers that isn't too horribly obnoxious in the garden? I had a bunch of Canada thistle at one time, but I have spent the last three years trying to get rid of that, and I don't want to bring it back!

As for the monarchs, things are gradually improving. I have been seeing one in my yard about every other day, either on the Tithonia or, today, nectaring on the swamp milkweed. No eggs, though, as far as I can tell.

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