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Camellia Stress after Transplant

10 years ago

We transplanted 4 camellias about two weeks ago. Two look very good-two not so good. We did no research on transplanting. We just dug holes about 1 1/2 times the root balls; place them in our homemade gopher cages; added super soil; watered them and sprayed with miracle grow.

One is on a lattice, and is about 5' high and 6' wide. Before the move it was on a lattice near a wall very protected from weather. We moved it about 5 feet. It is now away from the wall and gets significant amounts of wind. The leaves are still green but kinda droopy. A few have turned brown and I trimmed them off. A few are green but getting crispy.

The second is about 4' x 4'. This plant was moved only a couple of feet so light, soil, and wind conditions are all the same. This plant too is still green, kinda droopy and some leaves are turning brown and getting kinda crispy.

Before the move all the plants were thriving. The lattice plant is about 5 years old. The 4' x 4' is about 15 years old (transplanted from our prior home about 8 years ago). They looked pretty good for a few days after the transplant. They started looking a little droopy so we increased the watering. After doing a bit of research it appears that too much water may be the problem. We live on the coast and the weather is generally cool, windy and damp but we have had a few days in the high 70's recently.

I'm looking for advice to save my once thriving camellias.

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