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Costco Bulbs - yay or nay?

14 years ago

I am VERY new to gardening as we just purchased a home. I am trying (Ha, ha) to duplicate - or at least simulate - a spectacular garden I spied up in Northern Michigan last year. I am trying to keep it simple - it was comprised mostly of Purple Coneflower, Russian Sage, Astilbe, Hostas, some Asiatic Lilies thrown in - plus a couple of splotches of annuals like Petunias and Impatiens for some pizzaz. I am trying to keep the number of Annuals down as they are - as they say - annual ;) and need to be replaced.

The prices of most of the perennials are scaring me - but I figure I'll work at it, a bit at a time.

So yesterday I spied bags of bulbs at Costco. Last fall I put over 120 bulbs of pastel tulips and daffodils in my front garden. It was surprisingly easy and I covered them with vermin mesh to keep the marauding squirrels at bay. I can't WAIT til they sprout - they'd better!!! lol.

So. The bulbs at Costco include exactly what I am after - Asiatic Lilies, Astilbe, and a few hostas. I am eyeing the Lilies and the Astilbe - I only want a couple hostas so am going to splurge on the mature variety. But what about the Lilies and Astilbe? I know they will NOT be spectacular the first year, but when do you plant these, when will they sprout, what do I do to care for them etc.

They are very cost effective - 14 Astilbe bulbs for $13, as opposed to ONE Astilbe for like $10 at the nursery. The advantage however being that it is already grown.

Opinions? Many thanks in advance!

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