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I think I need a few opinions/suggestions.

16 years ago

Ok. To me this sounds completely normal and natural, but my boyfriend suggested otherwise so I'm asking for opinions and maybe suggestions on a solution. Haha. It's nothing dramatic, but you know...

Ok a few months ago we had to have one of our toilets replaced. Now - my first instinct was "Hey! I just got the coolest planter EVER!" Haha. We held onto the old toilet, and I planned to stick it in my butterfly garden, and put some pretty flowering (maybe trailing) plants in the "toilet" part as well as the "tank" part. The toilet is white - nothing is broken on it and it is clean.

Now, my butterfly garden happens to butt (haha no pun intended) up against our neighbors' property. Today he said "I don't think our neighbors would like to look at a toilet." At first I was like "Who cares? It's our yard." But about 3 seconds later I figured "Well, maybe... but there's got to be a solution." I thought of asking them, but they're really cool and nice and they'd probably tell me they didn't mind even if they did.

SO! First off, do you think I should get rid of the toilet and not use it as a planter? I just hate to waste such a perfect plant container!!! Secondly, if I do use it as a planter, do you have any suggestions on how to maybe sort of block it a little? I was thinking maybe put it front of/between 2 shrubs that will grow and block the back of it from the neighbors' direct view? Or maybe in front of some high-growing grass or perennials?

Sorry so long... What do you guys think?

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