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Black bamboo rhizome control

14 years ago

We recently purchased a house in downtown Buffalo, a former restaurant. The entire back yard is a large patio/deck, surrounded by brick walls which form a courtyard. The phone wires to a building adjacent run along one of the walls of the courtyard, and we love black bamboo and would like to plant it in a 6 foot long patch, about 3 feet wide, by removing some of the deck.

I think that in order to control the rhizomes which will poke up from the plants, we can just prune them as they come up through the deck. The deck is about 14 inches off of the ground, with virtually no sunlight reaching the ground. Does this sound like an easy an effective way to control the black bamboo growth? just simply cut down the plants which come up through the tiny deck slats? That's how we currently handle the ivy and morning glory on the other two walls of the courtyard!

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