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When does the ground typically freeze in my area would you say?

11 years ago

I wonder if it really does completely freeze here at all because of all the luscious snow cover we have. It keeps the ground warmer.

I'm still watering all my trees once a week. I planted 2 new October Glory's the first week of October, and I especially want to give them the needed supplementation until the very last moment. My sandy rocky "speedy gonzales" draining soil can take it. It doesn't matter how much water I pour it drains within seconds.

We're having temps in the 50's next week so I doubt the ground will freeze before mid December. Any thoughts? I guess in a round about way Im asking when I should bring in the hose. lol I live next door to a tree farmer and he doesn't do ANY watering of his trees, not even in the summer! None. They're all conifers. I don't know how he can stand that.

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