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Anyone growing African tulip tree (Spathodea campanulata)?

8 years ago

Hi everyone,

I visit Hawaii once or twice a year and have seen these African tulip trees (Spathodea campanulata) as very popular landscape plants there, as well as naturalized there too. I love the wild type orange, and also the more rare yellow forms.

I was surprised however, to find this nice large one happy and blooming in the Civic Plaza in Scottsdale. I would have thought our amazing heat and low humidity would annoy it, but it really looks happy, lush and green. I know they're cold sensitive, and tropical, and I can Google for more information of course, but if you have actual experience growing these in the Valley of the Sun, or if you know of other happy specimens in the area, I'd love to hear from you.

Such fun, happy, large flowers. Here are a couple of pics from yesterday. Happy gardening all!


From further away, also showing Scottsdale's famous large banyan tree too (center left). The African tulip tree is at far right. That's a chlorotic myrtle (sickly yellow foliage) right next to the tulip tree.


Close look at the neat, large (hen's egg size) flowers.


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