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A Blast From the Past

12 years ago

Hello, Everyone! I feel so bad for missing so much within the past year or so... I've been simply overwhelmed, dealing with health and other issues, so busy, and I just couldn't keep up. For that, I apologize... I should have at least stopped in to say hi.

My Hippeastrum collection is still here, though I did have a few succumb to NBF, inside! I didn't think it was possible, but the little buggers slipped in somehow and managed to decimate several bulbs. Under control now, though. I am downsizing, though... I've got too much plant material and not enough space! All the new varieties I've seen are so lovely, though I just can't fit any more in the jungle!

I've been loosely following along, and I've seen such beautiful blooms and bulbs... great growing, everyone! I've thought about many of you often within the past year, hoping everything was well with family and life in general.

I've missed you all... and I shall endeavor to visit and post more often... if you'll have me, that is. :-)

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