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I divided my Canna Pretoria 'Bengal Tigers' - Anyone interested?!

11 years ago

I decided to divide up my Canna Pretoria "Bengal Tigers", since they've become such a huge clump. I started with only four of these plants last spring. They were in 4" pots. It's crazy how big these guys got in one year!

Here they were in the summer after 2-3 solid months of growth


Here they were in the beginning of fall after I cut them back.


and here they are now getting big again.


I under estimated how big the clumps are! I thought I had enough 1/2gal pots for all 4 clumps but I didn't even have enough after dividing up one of the clumps! LOL


Some of the rhizomes were too big to fit in the 1/2gal containers so I had to bury them back in the ground for now.


So if anyone's interested I'm selling these.

The bigger ones on the left side are $5 each.

While the smaller ones to the right are $3 each. Don't be fooled by size of the plants that are sprouting because their rhizomes underneath are pretty big -> 5-6"+



None of these Cannas carry the Canna Virus. I guarantee it! I've stopped buying rhizomes from nurseries because you can't tell whether they have the virus or not until they've sprouted. More than 50% of the rhizomes I've gotten in the past from local nurseries have the virus, that's why I only purchase Cannas that have sprouted already.

The place that I got these from originally is from Brian's botanicals. He sells them for $8 each and come in 4" pots.

Here's his description of the Canna Bengal Tiger -

"Canna Pretoria (Bengal Tiger) is considered by many to be the most beautiful Canna to date. The outstanding foliage is bright yellow with dark green stripes and a delicate red rim around the edge. The flowers are large and bright orange. This Canna grow to 6 feet tall and is a heavy flowerer. It never fails to put on a show every year here in our garden."

You won't find this type of Canna in local nurseries here in Az, or at least I haven't, and I frequently visit quite a few of the nurseries in town all year :)

So if anybody's interested, let me know!


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