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Newbie Seed Project - Thanks to everyone!

11 years ago

I just mailed out the last pack from the Newbie Seed Project. What a great year it was. The donors were incredibly generous and the newbies took insturctions like champs. It's the best and the brightest group so far!

I am committed to continue this next year and am already planning to do a count of states and number of participants to post for your amusement and amazement!

Last time I kept records, we had touched 40 states and between 300 and 500 people! That is very exciting! I love when former noobs turn around and donate back...what a gift to all of us!

this is a labor of love and really, no labor at all. I have it down to a science and maintained 24 hour turnaround with each and every package. Next year will be year 8 or 9 I think!

Thank you to the best folks in the world! Now if we can spread this generosity to others, who knows what we can achieve!

Karen McCoy

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