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garlic coming up too early?

14 years ago

I live right on the edge of zone 5 and 6, 65 miles north of NYC.

My first year of growing garlic was a huge success, and last July provided giant, organic purple cloves which are still being enjoyed now.

I planted in late October last year. Following that successful plan, I once again planted during the last week of October this year.

We have had a mild fall. A day before Thanksgiving, I strolled past the raised beds where I deposited 150 heads a month ago. There were at least 25 or more green shoots sticking up an inch or two from the 4 inches of mulch I deposited on the beds. This alarmed me.

Is my crop for next July in jeapordy? Colder weather will surely kill those shoots. Will the bulbs take the kill, go dormant, and still provide the crop I was hoping for?

Any info/opinion would be greatly appreciated.

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