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Happy New Year to all my dear hippy friends!

15 years ago

Guess it is 2009 in New York now but we have 2 hours and a half to go here in the west coast. I am definitely not staying up...the new year will get here just as soon without that, LOL. I always welcome a new year and its possibilities but this year has not been half bad...brought me my new knees, some good traveling, and my darling pup. By the way, she is getting much better manners now at 8 months...:-). Still funny as can be...a Gordie will always be funny and fun loving until their last breath.(Our first gordy leaped in front of a moving truck with a great grin on her face from running in circles just before deciding to try flying onto the road below. Wish I could go out that happy when the time comes but not that particular way!)

This holiday continues to have surprises after the miserable Christmas! My youngest daughter called and is bringing her boyfriend up to our house for the first time..we met him briefly and liked him and did not know he had a temp of 103 at that moment...hope he is feeling fine tomorrow! Going to be checking that girl's finger for an engagement ring, LOL. She is bringing him to meet her childhood friends as well as to bring him to our house.

Then today, my hubby's brother, who is a long haul trucke,r called and said he was in our area and couldn't do anything until tomorrow afternoon so we went and got him and brought him to the house for the night. The "boys" are having a great visit.

You just never know what joys the morrow will bring when you have a bad day! (Or when a misnamed Amaryllis will turn out to be your favorite!)

May this next year be full of joyful surprises for all, only some of them flowers! And may everyone's amaryllis exceed their expectations!

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