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Over 90 Bulbs Harvested & Hung, How do I store it in the South?

15 years ago

I plated 12 different varities, both Hard Neck and Soft.

All are harvested now, some on June 10th, then the 13th, then the 26th.

I tied them up with strings & hung them with the leaves in tact in a closet in my house. I keep the air conditioning on in the house and I have a ceiling fan running in the room where the closet is. Plus I darkened the window so there isn't any light getting into the room.

I've heard it takes bout 3-4 weeks to cure, so its almost time to store them. Is there anyone here familliar with my zone who can tell me how to store them here in central Mississippi?

It gets so hot and humid here, so I'd probably have to store them in the house. I really dont know what to do. Leave it hanging in the closet? Cut them off the stalks and put them in paper bags? Then if I put them in the bags where would I keep the bags? Even with the air conditioning on, my house stays at around 78 degrees.

I haven't a clue what to do, and my garlic turned out so pretty! It would be a shame to lose it cause I dont know how to store it.


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