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no garlic in my garlic

18 years ago

I've been through quite a bit of the forums and think I have the answer already, but I'm looking for confirmation.

In early March of this year I noticed one of my store bought cloves of garlic was sprouting. Seeing as how I had an empty 12" container...I figured I'd give it a shot. It didn't take too long before it came up, and grew to about 18" before it started dying back and just recently I realized that the whole pot smelled of garlic.

Two days ago, with just about everything fallen back and turned brown, I decided to pull it up and see what I had.

I had nothing...just a tiny little root at the bottom of the stem.

Either there's a bulb in there somewhere that I missed...or I didn't get any garlic.

After checking the forums, I'm thinking it was just far too wet. I had it on a side of my balcony that gets all the rain, and at times the pot was oversaturated.

Any other thoughts? Maybe this clove just wasn't meant to give up a bulb?

Any help would be appreciated...thanks.


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