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Especially good year for lizards/geckos?

Since I've been outside so much more this year and converted more areas of grass into flower/veggie beds, I don't know if my observations are accurate. There may have always been so many lizards and I'm just now noticing them from being out there more. I know my actions have caused more dead-stuff-eating bugs of all types to provide more food for the lizards from mulching the beds with leaves and grass clippings. I'm also seeing a TON of tiny baby lizards. OMG they're so cute! I really get a kick out of these and the mediteranean house geckos. The geckos I hadn't seen at all before this year. I've also a few of their babies when moving things around in the daytime, and have seen the adults around at night. When the drought conditions started emerging, I put several small water dishes on different sides of the house for the lizards (or whatever critter needs a drink.)

In addition to what I've done in my yard, the house next door burned up this spring and nobody has mowed the back yard since. So there may just be an increase in the number of lizards my immediate surroundings are able to support.

Your thoughts / observations?

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