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display garden of cold hardy roses in Alberta

13 years ago

If you live or happen to visit Edmonton, AB, Canada. -be sure to check out the free public garden display of hard roses at Louise McKinney Park. Their are 30 hardy roses-hardy to zone 3. Follow this link

I visit this garden often in the spring, summer, fall,winter to see how the roses look at different times of the year.

Some of my favorites in the garden are Mary Bugne, Morden Blush, pavement roses and the outstanding Champlain. Champlain is close to everblooming. One rose that I wouldn't recomment is Morden fire glow with it's sparse disease infested foliage and lack of vigour.

Others include mostly rugosa, explorer and parkland roses. Martin Frobisher, blanc double de Couber, Srabrosa, Frau Daugmar Hartop, George Vancouver, Morden Centenial etc.

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