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So I'm sitting next to an Evelyn bloom...

14 years ago

Back in July, I purchased Evelyn as a band from High Country. I was quite impressed with the size of the Evelyn band I received and I potted it up in a 20" container. Since then it has boomed for me in terms of growth and thrown out 3 canes easily over 4ft, and just within the past couple days, I finally had my first TRUE Evelyn bloom open up for me to enjoy. This one had much more color than the first couple that were on the original canes from the band. This bloom also had the fragrance everybody raved about that the first few blooms lacked in. I don't smell peaches, but being modeled after Crabtree & Evelyn perfumes, it most definitely smells like perfume. The scent is strong in the morning, although I tend not to notice it much during the remaining hours of the day outside. Evelyn opening up was quite a sight as she GLOWS in the center as she opens all the way up into a quartered rosette shape with a strong cup to the bloom.

Today, I only had one bloom on Evelyn, but it had been opened up for the past 3 days and was just beginning to age. A co-worker of mine loves roses whenever I bring them in, so I decided to cut the bloom and take it with me to work to show her. Being clumsy, I forgot I do not work with her today, so I couldn't show her. I'm contemplating leaving the cut bloom in the fridge overnight as she will be here tomorrow, although the bloom is already showing signs of aging so we shall see. Since, she wasn't here and I am sitting at work, I have been working on some reading and paperwork, but brought out the Evelyn bloom and have taken breaks simply to look at it and smell it...which is becoming a near addictive and intoxicating task. The fragrance that I don't notice outside much is very much present. Getting close to the bloom, I don't recognize it much, but if I dig my nose into Evelyn, the fragrance is readily apparent and strong. I've also been admiring the green stamen that my Evelyn gives me that none of my other current roses due. I love this accent to the yellow around the center, gradually fading to apricot, then to pink with cream background to the rose itself. The petals are thick and ruffled together...almost velvety, but not exactly. An odd textured rose this is. With all the ruffled petals along the interior rosette formation, you stray upon the pinks along the outside that form the cup of the rose...4-6 petals think of perfect cupping. I'm beginning to become a little woozy from inhaling the scent of Evelyn so many times since she is right beside me. Anyways, I was just admiring Evelyn and felt like sharing what was mostly on my mind and would like to thank all that enabled me into getting her and especially for the picture of hoovb's Evelyn that convinced me to get her. That picture still amazes me and I hope my Evelyn in her 20" container can be a smaller version of that beauty HoovB has. HoovB's Evelyn:




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