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Looking for a large hot pink shrub rose

12 years ago

When I was young, in the mid-70's, the house I grew up in New Jersey, had a very large shrub rose (at least, I'm assuming so) which I loved. I remember it as being gigantic blooms, very hot pink, strong, strong fragrance, and upright with a lot of foliage. I seem to remember that the bush was at least 6' tall by the end of summer, if not more. I don't recall it being overly thorny.

I had found what I thought matched it several years ago; "Miss All American Beauty" (i.e. "Maria Callas"). The blooms were very similar but, the bush itself absolutely was NOT it. It was too small for one thing, prone to disease and the darn thing died within months (in fact, it was the only rose bush I had that I had bad luck with - I was happy to shovel prune her).

I'd love to be able to find a similar rose to put into my garden this coming year. I'm just now starting the search so I have time to do some looking around to make comparisons.

As always, all of your help is highly appreciated!

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