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Fireglow Japanese Maple.

13 years ago

Good Morning Everyone. In the spring of 2008 I planted a fireglow japanese maple in an appropriate location with morning sun and shade in the early afternoon. In 2008 it did really well. The winter in Chicago was a wet cold winter. In the spring of 2009, 2/3 of the tree came back so I considered it a success. Over the past month, the tree has been loosing its distal leaves, but in an atypical fashion - they have been wilting and then falling from the tree. The leaves near the trunk of the tree have remained, but to be honest the tree looks pathetic. It has been an atypically wet spring and early summer, with a recent decrease in rain over the past 4-6 weeks. I have been doing deep slow watering once a week. When examining the soil, it appears to be neither too wet or too dry. My questions are.

1. Is this typical for a 2 year tree?

2. What is the appropriate watering schedule for a 2nd year tree?

3. Has anyone had similar experiences with this species of tree with favorable outcomes?

The nursery has been kind enough to extend their warranty, so I would like know if I should pull the plug on this tree. I appreciate your feedback in advance.

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