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Your favorite drought tolerant companion plant?s

15 years ago

We're in a drought summer, this year in California, and I was wondering about drought tolerant companion plants to go with rosebushes.

My favorites drought tolerant favorites,so far have been


-dwarf Myrtle (M. communis) which has deliciously fragrant leaves, is evergreen, and has tiny white blossoms in spring, a bit like 5 petaled wild roses. It grows to be about 3 and 1/3 feet tall by 3 feet wide, and I especially appreciate it in winter when the rosebushes are bare.

-thyme, especially the flowering English variety for beauty and the large leaved thyme, for cooking.

I've recently read that Parma violets are drought tolerant, I hadn't noticed this until this year when my antique Parma violets that I bought from Canyon Ranch to go with my Tea roses, survived 10 days with no water, in hot weather and they're in pots. My regular violets next to them croaked.

Thanks a bunch,


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