Do I need to 'repot' my A.mac Borneo giant? (pic)

16 years ago

Hello everyone,

Silly me, I didn't realize my borneo giant had a bulb, I just thought it was a trunk! I saw a photo here, and saw that that thing sticking way out of the ground was the bulb.

Last fall, about 18 months ago, I got this plant from nsexotics. It was a little baby, about 12 inches tall , and pencil thin, but very healthy. It was about the size of a caladium. Its first winter I put it in a greenhouse and by springtime, it was literally pushing against the ceiling of the little greenhouse. I had to move it into the garden while I could still get it out the greenhouse door.

This last fall (5 months ago) it was 9 feet tall and we moved from our nice big yard with greenhouse to a house in a slightly cooler climate (8b instead of 9). The yard is small here, and I never did get the greenhouse built in time. The plant was huge, not very fun to load into a moving van. We cut the bottom two thirds off its pot and buried it so the pot rim was sticking up so it would have better drainage than planting it directly in the ground. I covered it with plastic and gave it a heater when it was needed over the winter. My question is, now that all the big leaves from last year are gone, and I've peeled away all their dried, brown husks, I'm left with this big bulb sticking almost a foot above the soil line. Should I dig it and lower it into the soil more? I'd hate to disturb the roots. It had a huge root system in the fall, which I assume may still be there. But will it harm the plant to be sticking up so high?

The pointy on top is not a new sprout. It's what is left of last year's last leaf. Two weeks ago, that was going to be a new, small leaf, but it regressed and the tip is turning brown. What should I do? What would you do if this were your plant?

Oh, and the round spot on the side, is that just where a leaf was, or will a baby sprout from there, or both, or neither?

Sorry for all the questions, I know its long. Thanks for any help you can give.


Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:382432}}

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