Turtle filters are great! In one tank we have

16 years ago

A four inch stinkpot turtle (thus the reptile filter)

A very large (about seven inches) plecostomus

A channel catfish (caught in City Park in New Orleans. It gaffed me badly, the rotter.)

A mudskipper from Lake Ponchatrain (we find some of the brackish fish will live in fresh water. So will little blue crabs.)The Mudskipper is small but very territorial.

Various Mosquito Fish and Green Mollies (local wild fish)

We even had some Pipefish, but they slipped into the filter after some time and died there. Those are supposed to be strickly salt but they lived just fine.

Originally we had a redear slider too, but he disgraced himself by nipping all the other creatures. Oddly enough, once we put him outside we have a peaceful tank.

Doing what we have done (essentially catching stuff in ditches and the lake and putting them in a tank) is supposed to be a very stupid thing to do but with the Turtle Filter it works. When I was a kid, we would do it but everything tended to die.

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