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Oak Tree Disease

We have a lot of Oak Trees in my area and they are naturally growing. In the last few years, many of them seem to be succumbing to a disease. I have seen it affect whole areas of oak trees, just single trees, young trees and very mature trees. But it is getting to really be a problem in my area. The disease seems to start at the top of the tree and over 2-3 years, gradually moves lower and lower until the entire tree is dead. My neighbor recently cut one down on our property border that had been slowly dying for about three years and finally failed to put out any leaves this spring. They also have one huge one up near their house that was a great West facing shade tree on the hot summer days. But over the last couple years has been gradually succumbing to the disease to the point that it only has leaves on a few bottom branches. He is "hoping" it comes back, but I have not known any of the trees come back after showing signs of the disease. I just today cut one down that for the first time started showing signs of the disease.
I am wondering if someone can ID the disease for me and tell me if there is anything I can do to help prevent it's spread to other Oak trees in my yard. I took these photos of some of the branches/leaves on the tree that I cut down today. It was only about 15 feet tall but it had everything from dead branches, to to slightly deformed leaves to highly affected leaves to perfectly normal looking leaves. Oh, and what kind of Oak tree is this and would the disease be specific to this kind of oak or be able to affect any kind of Oak tree as we have more than one type in our area and my yard.

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