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Questions on anemone japonica and bougainvilla.

14 years ago

Today it was to hot to work in the garden after 10:00 AM so I had to visit a local garden center. Well, I didn't HAVE to, but you know how it is in mid-summer.

They had very few annuals since it is late in the season, but I found some perennials which were looking very nice, some of which were anemone japonica plants which looked very healthy. I know this flower is an Aug.-Oct. bloomer. There was a deep pink color (Prince Henry?), and a white, and also a very double, going by their tags. I have never grown the perennial anemone and I was wondering how difficult they are to raise. I love the look of the flower and the plant. I have grown the annual anemone and also like it very much. One of the white already had stems with buds.

Depending on what I hear back from you all, I am going to call and see if they will take my order over the phone by paying with my CC, and then picking them up on Sat.

Thank you. Jane

PS: I was thinking of planting them on the north side of the house which gets a little morning sun, and very late afternoon/evening sun. (fairly bright the rest of the day)

PPS: They also had a beautiful bougainvilla trained as a standard, but it was very expensive at $75.00. Would I be able to over-winter it in my house?

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