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What Landscape Trees Look Good Together

11 years ago

I have a few acres of fairly open, mowed lawn around my house. This Spring, I have been planting several flowering trees around my house, and have planted nearly 20 fruit trees to start a small orchard...

I still several areas I would like to get some more flowering trees in... I'm planning things like Eastern Redbuds, Flowering White Dogwoods, various flowering crabs, etc...

I'm wondering what the consensus is on what looks best... should I mix and match these by planting a redbud next to a red crab next to a white dogwood...??? Or should I cluster trees together, ie the white dogwoods in one corner together, the redbuds in another corner together, etc...

Are there certain trees or colors that look particularly good together?

I'm dealing with a bunch of approximately 6 feet tall trees right now, so it's hard for me to picture what they will look like together in 10 years.



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