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Eastern Red Bud...Is it dead?

16 years ago

Last August I planted a Eastern Red bud. I followed the nursury's planting instructions and watered frequently until ground frozen. I know planting in the fall is risky and not all plantings make it through the winter. I am zone 5.

It is now spring. The weather has been quite warm, very hot lately and I am watering when there has been no rain. My other trees I planted last fall are doing well and buds are out.

This tree shows no signs of life! At the ends of the branches, no buds appear to be developing. I broke off a very small branch and there is no green, simply wood color-light tan in color.

What can I look for in the coming weeks with this tree or is it simply dead?

If so, I believe I will dig it up and plant a another so it will be more established by fall.

Thank you.

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