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Horse manure compost with sand in it. Good? Bad?

12 years ago

The dear lady who gives me composted horse manure from her broodmare farm says the compost is so good because it has sand in it. Since I have no knowledge of horses, I'm guessing she uses sand in her stalls and rather than separate it from the manure she just picks it up together. When I heard last year that she was putting sand in it (the first year she didn't and it was light and fluffy stuff), I was upset (not at her) because I had worked hard to REMOVE sand from my beds, and now I was filling it up again with sand.

My reason for asking is that today I half killed myself partially unloading a truckload of compost (DH even had pity on me and was on the truck unloading - bad back and all. This stuff is SO HEAVY!!! even though it was a fairly dry batch. Free or not, I can't deal with this heavy stuff. Is it normal to add sand to horse manure for compost? If this is easier for my horse lady, then I don't want to ask her to change what she's doing just for me. If it's the usual practice, then I'll be rethinking CHM for my garden. But if any of you horsey rosarians know a better way for her to do it, I'd love to hear it. I know she thinks she's doing a good and helpful thing. Maybe I should have googled this question, but I'm too tired to think.

Thanks for your help.


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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