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Home made trailers and baggers?

14 years ago

First off, the trailer.

The prices of the trailers out there are not appealing.

I already have the design to build a 4 foot long, 3 foot wide with 14 inch-ish high sides trailer and I'm only lacking the one sheet of 3/4 inch plywood it will take to build it, and a long day to fabricate.

Hauling any dirt, gravel, sand or any other landscaping items in the wheel barrel is no longer something I want to do.

Now, I got the Sears 24 hp DYS 4500 and the wimpy T2 Hydromatic (more about the dual bagger later) and would like to know how much it can pull on flat ground?

All the book tells me is to "Fallow the manufacturers recommendation for weight limits for towed equipment" but fails to be specific.

Now, about the bagger.

I have the 2 bag, soft side bagger and not only does it seem to focus on the left bag mainly and only overflow to the right one, it fill up so damn fast I need to get something bigger.

I can fill both bags in 2 minutes or less!

I was thinking of covering the trailer and making it be a trailer/bagger.

I have see some mowers pictured that had flexible tubing to go from the blades to the bagger, but don't know where they get it from!

I also figured that if I made a solid lid, I could install one of the flex bags on the top as a vent on the trailer/bagger.

If not, does someone know if there is there some kind of breathable fabric like the baggers are made out of that I can use to cover the top?

OH, also, does anyone have any links to trailer baggers and home made trailers for lawn equipment?

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