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Liquid Copper Fungicide

13 years ago

I bought this this fungicide last says it's for Organic Production. It has Copper Octanoate 0.08 and Inert ingredients 99.92. I used it when the roses were dormant and last weekend. I thought it was safe for bees..It's made by Bonide..What do you all think?

Anyway, I was really looking at my roses. The ones I planted last year in the healthy soil I provided for them..have hardly any BS. Sky's the Limit has some..but it's in a little more shade then the rest..they all look wonderful and are growing like crazy. I have 3 problem roses. A Europeana, French Lace, and Intrigue. All in pots. With about 10 looking great and these 3 are problems..maybe they should get the shovel. I bought Intrigue before I knew much..and I know she is a PITA..but so pretty when she does bloom..anyway, just thinking out loud..I do not want to use chemicals. I was told wettable sulfur is okay and won't harm the bees. I haven't had to use it yet.

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