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help with 20.5hp briggs loud banging engine noise

17 years ago

my wonderful craftsman mower now 7 or 8 yers old needs some serious help, so do I

I have changed te oil regularly and have maintained the mower what I would consider reasonable, I canged the plugs, oil and gas filter regularly I also keep the battery charged and keep the mower deck and engine clean

my mower is a twin cylinder 20.5 hp briggs model 461707 type 0145 et code 9906165b i was running the mower when it seemed to start to make a noise from what sounded like the front engine area after about 4 or 5 min it just got real loud banging sound almost sounds like something came apart inside. I stopped the mower and let it cool down I started to try to examine what it might be I removed both cylinder heads and turned the fly wheel the pistons both seem to go in and out as well as the valves. can anyone figure out what I should be looking at or assist with some ideas or insight.

thank you in advance for any and all help

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