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Cutting back May Night Salvia for 2nd Bloom

10 years ago

Here in Zone 7 May Night is just about finishing it's first bloom cycle. A very warm March pushed an earlier bloom time. Once the first flowering is done, how far down do I cut the salvia to get a second flowering?

1. There are three sets of lateral leaves on each stem. Should I cut the stem down to the third set of leaves that's closest to the ground?

2. Cut the flower stem all the way down to the ground?

3. Cut the stem back to the second set of lateral leaves?

In my early gardening years I recall cutting back a perennial virtually to the ground, leaving just a few leaves. I recall being surprised when a whole new plant grew back. It may have been beginners luck or the right thing to do. Don't recall which perennial it was, but I don't want to take a chance with all my May Night plants and lose them. I'd sure appreciate your advice. Thanks much.

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