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What should I do with MY greenhouse?

12 years ago

I'm in the SF bay area and just bought a house with a sort-of attached greenhouse. I don't know what it's for. It rarely gets frosty here. I think the original owners (house and greenhouse date to mid-50s) started seeds in there but who knows (wink wink nudge nudge says brother-in-law).

It's cute. It's got old brick at the base and old roses espaliered on one side. There's a heater I should get the gas company to inspect for me and a knob labeled "COOL" and a louvered top that might still work.

My house is small and we want to expand. My yard doesn't provide many options. Help me love my greenhouse?

Or....would it be okay to build along one side of it without impacting function much? If I keep it, I want it to be functional. The NE (long) side is against the house and I'd want to block off the SE (short) side. Would I still be able to start seeds in there?

Sorry--I don't know enough to know what I need to know. Anyone in zone 10 use a greenhouse and what the heck for?


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