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I need a few, good hybrid teas

16 years ago

I have a spot for 6 or 8 in a place that won't even grow dandelions. I've had a number of HT's there that have all died. Partly due to lack of hardiness but also most likely the soil there. So....having a sizeable greenhouse to over winter I finally tumbled to the idea, why not containers? Dah..

My wife bought 3 potted HT's from WalMart last spring that have done well in the GH.

I like HT's that open to attractive flowers not the more common floppy messes with petals every which way and stamens showing. Fragrance would also be nice and good for cutting.

Oh yes, size of container and which commercial potting soil?

The spot is in a corner of the house outside the backdoor with good circulation, the addition is on piers shielded by lattice work so the air gets underneath.


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