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Has anyone installed soaker hoses?

21 years ago

I'm thinking of semi-permanently installing soaker hoses in all my beds this year. By that I mean, burying the hoses under the mulch and staking them to the ground. I'm talking about just the standard garden-center, made-from-recycled-tires soaker hoses, not the drip irrigation systems. I looked through a lot of posts on the Irrigation forum, but they seem to deal with the fancier drip irrigation systems, and I can't spend that much. I figure I should save enough on water just during the 3rd quarter to pay for the hoses.

I plan to hook some short hose lengths to a splitter, attach the garden hose to the "in" end and several soaker hoses to the "out" ends, and water half the front or back beds at a time. Has anyone else had good/bad experiences with these?

Also, our neighborhood is overrun with squirrels and chipmunks (cute when they're in someone else's yard, not so cute when they're digging under your garage). I read somewhere that both will sometimes chew through soaker hoses to get at the water source. Any comments on that?


Tim Jones

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