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My very first upper pond Part 2 - photos -

14 years ago

Hi everyone.

I finally finished my re-building of my upper pond. I know its never really 'finished', but for now it has to be, as the rest of my garden needs me desperately :-)

This is how we see it from the house:


And a walk around it:





I had to leave that patch of lawn at the back, as our daughters like to sun there on a blanket... so its been measure to hold a blanket and no more :-D

I ran out of rocks and we have piles of these reddish bricks, so I decided to use them. When I started stacking them I thought it looked a bit like a well.


So now Ive decided that this is the remains of an old well that broke and spilled over into a pond :-D

In the middle of the 'well' its a bit deeper, so I can have a water-lily in there next year. I also want more plants around along the wall in the pond, but that will also have to wait till next year.

Towards the stream there are lots of rocks in the water for the birdies to use when they bathe and the branch acorss is for them also. They already ok'ed it :-D





I had to leave a bit of the liner in the stream showing, cuz my nice sound went away when I placed stones all over. But Im hoping it will weather fast so it doesnt show.

Im so happy with my new set-up, so Im glad I changed it. With the new raised bed around the upper pond I was able to plant around it like I wanted to initially.

Take care,

Hanne in Denmark

Here is a link that might be useful: My first upper pond

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