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Help! Need shade-loving tall evergreen privacy hedge

17 years ago

We have the misfortune of having our backyard butt up against a school gymnasium. We have tall maple trees that pretty much obscure our view of the school during the summer months, but in the winter we have a dismal view (complete with discarded gym equipment). We'd like to plant a fast growing, shade loving tall privacy hedge back there among the maples. So, we need something that keeps its leaves during the winter and grows at least 8' tall (the taller the better). We also need something that won't overtake our maples. It is a pretty heavily shaded area because of the building shadow and the maples. We also would like something that is pretty low maintenance. Does anything like this exist?! We were thinking about firethorn but are worried that the thorns might be too bad. We were also researching Viburnum. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated! (we are on the border of zones 5 & 6)

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