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Why is my pond water looking like this?

12 years ago

Summary: pond was recently completed, very few plants, including: water lettuce, hyacinth, parrot feather, sensitive plants, anacharis, papyrus, black taro, and the most likely culprit (in my newbie opinion) a fat goldfish that my friend dropped in when I wasn't home. There are also 3 tadpoles. Initially the water was pretty clear, then today it has lots of bubbles and the surface looks like it has some yucky film on it. The pond has no pump. I assume (maybe wrongly?) that since I wasn't gonna have much of a fish population (a couple at most), that I didn't need a pump, that all the plants can keep the water clear.

What can I do now? Is the fish and/or tadpoles the culprits? I can get rid of the fish ASAP if it's the problem.





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