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And here I thought Witch Hazel's were wind tolerant...

9 years ago

2 weeks ago I bought a Witch Hazel, Wisley Supreme from RareFind. It arrived recently and was truly one beautiful shrub.

We don't live in a particular windy area I'd say, but obviously if a front is moving in, we'll sometimes get 30-50mph wind gusts.

We planted the shrub in the front yard. Friday, we had a front come through with up to 50mph wind gusts that didnt phase any of our Forsythias or Burning Bushes in the slightest, but this Witch Hazel split open at the trunk, right down the middle and into one of its major branches. $70 down the tubes.

I made sure the shrub was wind tolerant before I bought it, but none of what I read was true. It didn't stand up to even one thunderstorm.

The next day I was shopping, and found Forsythia Intermedias, per the tags, for sale. They were B&B'd. They had just arrived a few hours before, the employee said. Several people were looking at them. I found one and brought it home. It's gorgeous. Half of it it is right now in bright bloom. My 7 year old daughter squealed when she saw it. She loved the blooms. $22.98 for a 4 ft shrub and a 1 year guarantee. Love it. I will never go mail order again. I liked it being B&B too because all I had to do was get all that soil off the roots, soil that looked nothing like our soil, and planted it.

Since the other 2 Forsythias didn't bat an eye at the wind, I'm hoping this one won't either.

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