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My very first upper pond - photos -

14 years ago

Hi again.

Following my first post, here is the setting for my new upper pond.

If I hadnt read a lot of the posts on here about ppl re-making their ponds, enlarging them and adding to them, after a very short time... I sure would have felt very silly remaking all this after only two weeks... giggle.


I just couldnt resist getting more pond-space, and also playing with liner, seing my first pond is a pre-made.

I dug like this cuz I mostly want this pond with very shallow water with smaller rocks for all the birdies, and the rest for plants.

Getting regular liner made me able to make a wider stream too.



I already made my first mistake on this project, as I didnt dig out for a weir in the first place. When I filled the upper pond, I kept having this feeling that there had to be something missing for this to work :-D Fortunately a pair of bricks under the liner solved this.


I really liked the shape of my previous viggly stream, but this way I get more pond :-D I realise the stream-bed should probably have been a bit deeper for the water to run over the pebbles. But it was really dark when I finished it, so I will have to see if I feel like changing that tomorrow.


I just managed to get a few more rocks in the upper pond for the birdies to sit on for their morning bath and then I couldnt see what I was doing anymore :-) Its night here in Denmark now.


I really enjoy being able to share my ponding experience with all you like-minded guys... My husband and daughters just nod and say 'yeah, thats nice' :-D

Goodnight from Denmark,


Here is a link that might be useful: My very first pond

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