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Help? What to do with this darned pond! Pump/Filter/Etc PICS!!

14 years ago


We�re back again, after some questions last year, we never did get anywhere with our pond (since my fianc� wasn�t *too* excited about it), we ended up draining it out after the native toads were big enough to go back underground. We were so happy to see so many native toads survive! Way to go toads! :)

Well, a new batch of tadpoles are here as of today, and no matter what my fianc� thinks, we WILL be getting that pond up and working so that we don�t have to go through anymore draining and cleaning every time it rains or we have a windstorm. (Plus, it�s wonderful to watch all the dragonflies and other wildlife it attracts!)

I�m hoping some of you out there can give me some ideas.

Firstly, if you know of any URLs to direct me to basic hook-up ideas, please let me know! Books you like, whatever. I�m willing to look and learn!

Secondly, I may have a definitive answer on how many gallons of water our pond has, and it turns out to be much lower than what I�d expected when tallying up the measurements by length, width and depth as I�d read on so many sites.

This time we turned our hose on full, run it into a bucket as we timed it for one minute.

We got about 8 � gallons per minute.

We then timed the fill of our pond:

Hose on full, timed until it filled up � which took about 40 minutes. Forty minutes multiplied by the 8 � gallons a minute. So, we have nearly 350 gallons in our pond.

Does this seem right to you?

After doing so much research online, I can�t recall where I came up with this idea, but the 350 gallons was very surprising considering that if we calculated by measurements we got anywhere from 1,000 � 2,000 gallons.

The nearly 350 gallons makes more sense it a way, because of how long it usually takes us to empty the darned thing of water. (A long time, but not 2K gals long!) But please let me know what you think?

Pump Issues:

The people previously in this house built an in-ground cement housing area for the pump right outside of the pond (not in the water), and though it doesn�t work, we are seriously considering trying to replace/hook up a new pump and at least a skimming filter in it�s place. (There�s *lots* of tree debris on a daily basis.)

Here again, we are unsure of what to do.

It is a cement pond, with a large jutting "waterfall" pipe about 4 �-5 feet tall, about 3 inches diameter. At the end of the pipe is a rounded metal dish where water overflows back into the pond. Maybe two feet below that is another rounded metal dish that also has holes in it for water to come out. Please see the pics I've posted.


It�s that it�s a double head that is confusing the heck out of me.

This pond business is literally keeping me up at night!

No one I�ve called has been able to help us. All suggest we get someone out here to view the monstrosity, but that will cost a bit too much. At this point, I�m seriously considering hacking off that pipe and building a waterfall off a hill right outside the pond, and then just using an in-pond type pump. (However, I�m unsure of how to do that, as well.)

*** Do any of you have any ideas on what type of pump we might try to replace the one that was hooked up before to get the water up and through that pipe thingie?

*** Do any of you have any ideas on how we might Frankenstein together some other workable DIY solutions?

Our water is very murky green right now and it�s worrisome :/ We have some native tadpoles in there as of today (which is so cool!), but I�m worried about them surviving the water and aeration problems. (We did put a couple of aquarium bubblers in there for them and our mosquito fish). We probably need to put more floating plants in, but I�ve yet to figure out how many. I�m afraid I�ll get too many, or the wrong kind and overload the pond.

Even if you just have a URL you think could be helpful *in ANY way* please post it?

We�d really appreciate it, and so would the little tadpoles :)

Thanks in advance for any and all ideas!

Before - Empty


Filled, but we ended up having to clean it out


Close-up of Water thingie I've NO IDEA what to do with/figure out "head"



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