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Mulch and Compost Concoctions

11 years ago

I started up a beautiful mound last year of some of our more scrumptious looking horse manure output, along with choice hay stems, some loamy/clayish dirt with a few years worth of poplar leaves from the area near where we move the manure too, and a little more sand than I would have liked picked up with the piles with tractor scoop.

I started doing some heavy mulching this past weekend (ooo - very very sore), just oogling the rich composted result, and grabbed misc leave piles along the way to lighten up the mix.

Wondering what creative mixtures people use to mulch. And very curious about peoples composting habits. I've been trying to save green output from the kitchen in a big enclosed bin, but find it pretty gross. Thinking once composted tho, the roses should love it...

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