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Koi Pond filtration questions from new owner

13 years ago


I just moved to a home that has a koi pond that originated from the site of an in-ground doughboy pool. The pond is concrete and rock and 18' in diameter. The prior owner says that there is 40 mil liner under the concrete. Depth is 2-3 feet and the pond hold approximately 3600 to 3800 gallons.

It has a skimmer, pump and a waterfall but no filter that I can see. We've got about six koi, 3 turtles, a huge catfish (maybe 8 lbs) and a bunch of guppies (mosquite eaters). The water is quite green still but we are treating with Microbe Lift and GreenClean.

I have many questions and would love some help or feedback. How do we set up a filtration system for an existing pond of this size and should the catfish be removed? Does he pose any risk to the koi?

Thanks in advance!


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