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Water lilies turning white second year

12 years ago

I bought a water lily from Menards last year and it was labeled as 'Fire Opal' and advertised as purple. I know it wasn't the greatest thing to do, but I've actually had fairly good luck with these "cheaper" lilies. Also, I've learned that there are no purple hardy lilies. They flat-out lied. :(

Anyhow.....when it bloomed last year, it was a very bright color of pink, and I was fairly happy with it. This year, its putting out tons of blossom all at once, which is nice......but most of the are white!

Is this because it was a cheap one from an unknown source?

I know some flowers do this. I'm not sure why though.

Any ideas?

(And please don't chastise me for buying it at a big box store. I bought a sulfurea and a rose arey in the past, and they are doing great). But......I'll definitely not do it again. :)

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