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What should I do about layer of algae?

8 years ago

We inherited a pond when we bought this house 5 years ago. It was built in full sun. I don't know the exact volume, but we've ballparked it at around 750 gallons with rough measurements (different depths and non-uniform shape make it difficult). For the first time EVER, I think I'm finally going to get it clean. We try to keep the fish to a minimum (mostly comets), after taking some out back to our farm pond, I've counted 11 currently. This year, I invested in a Fishmate external filter/uv combo. We have two pumps running - both 1000gph each. The fishmate I believe is 2000gph. One feeds a waterfall at one end of the pond, the other runs to the filter and then the output hose runs down a rock waterfall at the other end. It's been a week, and I can finally see the pea gravel in our water lily pot.

Anyhow, I've been cleaning the filters on the pumps (prefilters) and the external filters daily since and the water is getting clearer by the day, but there is always a layer of thick slimy muck coating the prefilters on the pumps and a layer of algae coating everything in the pond, like a blanket of snow. Can I get rid of it? Should I get rid of it? When I pull out the pumps, the hoses are always covered in it and the water gets all churned up and gross when it gets shuffled about. Any advice to this last piece of the puzzle would be helpful. My water is sort of a cloudy brown at the moment, and I can see the fish through the haze. At the beginning of the Spring, it was completely opaque.

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