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how do I winterize my skimmer

11 years ago

We recently moved to a new house and I am in the planning and design stage of a new pond. I have been ponding for 20 years now � but this pond will be a little larger than what I have had in the past. I am thinking about a roughly 1,000 gallon pond with a skippy-type filter. I am planning to use a skimmer for the first time. I will have a 2,000 GPM pump located in skimmer feeding the skippy and then over a waterfall.

I may be getting ahead of myself, but I have already purchased the pump and the skimmer. The skimmer is a Atlantic Water Gardens, Oasis PS3900.

So, here is my question . . . What do I need to do when I winterize the skimmer? I live in Green Bay, WI (zone 4) (typically down to -20 F in winter). Obviously, the first step is to remove the pump. Do I need to remove the wier door or do I drain the pond down to below the skimmer? What is the current procedure?


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