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Angraecum magdalenae pics

15 years ago

I just took these of the plant in mentioned in the Andy's Orchids thread. Mr. B asked for some pics so here they are! Apologies to real photographers everywhere for the composition and image quality. I shot these last night when I got home in low light.

I also intended to finish the rest of the story of how I came to have this plant. In the earlier thread I mentioned that I was very happy with Cal-Orchid and that it was they that actually suggested looking at EOoM for certain species. I made a note of this and immediately after hanging up the phone I went over to the EOoM web page "just for a peek" and it was there that I found what must have been a fairly short lived special on divisions of their Mother A. magdalenae plant. It turned out to be a bad (Good?) month for Orchid purchases as the ink had not dried on my Cal-Orchid purchase and I was ordering several very appealing plants that were on special in addition to this one. That and I could not see paying for shipping for just one plant. I have been purchasing plants on the web for not quite a year now from seedlings to supposedly mature plants and the entire EOoM order is among the best for value to date bar none. Several of the on special plants were really huge. Sorry, I do go on.

In any event I have a few pics here of this plant and its single open flower with the promise of more to come if I can just keep my hands off it! The first 3 flowers emerged from their cramped little spot without incident but I am getting the urge to "help" the set on the opposite side in spite of knowing no good could possibly come of that.

The Flower


The Plant


Emerging Flowers


The base of the main growth is a little ragged in appearance, but it was a division of a mature plant so I expect that is the growth habit of this particular plant. I thought I had a shot that shows the number of growths better and will try to get that up in the gallery later.

In conjunction I am expecting blooms on a Stanhopea wardii that I am thinking of freshening up in some new moss after this blooming is complete. The weather has taken an abrupt turn for the cold here with possible frost tonight so when I get home I will be moving some plants back inside. Seems crazy to be expecting frost this early, I hope it is just a fluke.

I took a few other pics of presently blooming plants I will try to get onto the gallery. Included is a pic of my first Psycopsis bloom. This was on a plant I was heartbroken over as early in its life with me my daughter's cat broke off one blooming spike very early, and I broke off the second one accidentally a day later while grieving for the loss of the first. Of course I blamed the kitten. I did a little searching on the forums here and learned I am not the first to loose a Psychopsis spike to a cat or otherwise. So I crossed my fingers and hoped & after several months I had a total of 5 spikes, 4 of which flowered here in my office. It is a very cool plant even after a little cat-astrophy.

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