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Keep or get rid of the pond?

13 years ago

Hello everyone!

I'm new here and completely ignorant about ponds. Would you help? This is my situation: We live in PA but we're closing on our retirement home in central Florida at the end of this month. We're buying a foreclosed house, which means it has been vacant and uncared-for for about a year, but it looks like it has been neglected for a long time before that. I've had experience with house repairs but never have I had to make a decision about a pond.

There is a pond in this foreclosed house, but it has over-grown grass all around it, plus garbage and God knows what else is in there. It is also very close to the sliding doors leading to the back yard (a weird place to put a pond). We thought about getting rid of it, but coming here looking for ideas on how to do that, I thought that maybe we can save it (?).

The problem is that we won't be living in the house for at least a year and a half while we repair it and prepare for retirement. How can we store it for now (where it is), if we can save it, or should we just get rid of it? If get rid of it, how? If storage, how?

We thought of emptying it out and putting a plastic or something over it to cover it and to prevent water from accumulating there or animals falling in and dying, etc.---how practical is this? When we close on the house we'll only be in Florida for under a week. Can we store it or get rid of it in this short amount of time?

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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