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Phal Orchid leafs yellowing and roots rotting

13 years ago

This is my first time taking care for an orchid and i have been doing a pretty good job i believe until i saw the orchids leaves yellowing.

I bought the orchid about 2 or 3 months ago and after probably 2 weeks i accidentally knocked it off a table and the part of the stem which held all the blooms snapped.

I cut it off with a sterile razor and hasnt grown yet. I didnt cut it all the way down to the base there is probably 6 inches of the stem to there i have cut it.

I kept the plant on top of a 'bucket' of water because i read online to keep it humid. Its in a plastic container in a ceramic vase so its not standing in the water.

I let it run through the water thats is mixed with the fertilizer when i believe it needs to be watered i dont really keep track week after week. I also let the extra water run out.

i have been watering it only when the top part of the containers moss is dry and the roots and mix inside the middle are a little wet.(is this the right way?) Im in california and its pretty hot here.

Then my mom took it out of the bucket because she said it looked funny.

About 3 or 4 days ago i noticed that the leaf closest to the roots has become yellow and i pulled on it and it came right off with no resistance i didnt think it was a big deal. i thought it was normal cause it is the oldest leaf right?

Now after a 3 day vacation i noticed that the next leaf closest to the roots was yellow! and when i pulled on it the same way the other one did i noticed that the end of it where its connected to the base was black and the part seemed soggy too.

I also noticed that some of the roots are soggy and some are green and healthy. i would say the soggy ones are hollow but they're kind of smushed already. The soggy ones are at the bottom of the plastic container too.

All the other leaves are firm and green and healthy.

There are no black spots on the leaves, not purple red pink or anything. I give then indirect sunlight every day. Its probably really really indirect because its not sitting by the window its sitting on a table in the middle of the room but it still gets light

ive been waiting for them to bloom again and now somethings wrong with the leaves!

Whats happening to her? Is it sick? what should i do?

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