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Yellowing/thinning ST. Augustine problem

15 years ago

Hi All

I have two year old Mercedes SA in Atl. GA. I use organics on the major holiday schedule and water once a week when we don't get rain. (Which is never in Atlanta...) I applied soybean and corn meal on labor day weekend. My lawn was one of the best looking ones in the neighborhood this summer. Over the last several weeks (before I applied the meal)I have noticed yellowing in the sunnier areas of the lawn. At first I ignored it thinking the meal would make everything green up, but it has continued. Tonight I got down on hands and knees and looked closely. The yellowing grass pulls out easily and the roots look short and black. There are also dead stolons in the area. Could this be a fungus the cornmeal didn't get? What about "take all rot"? I really thought a root rot would be in the shady areas before it affected the sunny parts. Is there anything I can do before it goes dormant? (About the end of Oct. around here).


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